This Summer has been full of great signings! Thanks everyone!

Special thanks to David Walker (Cyborg 1), the "Like A Potato" team and Vinny Navarrete's "Booger Beard"!

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A Guide To Our New Aisles...

We rearranged the store a bit and added new aisle signs to make it easier to find what you so desire. Updates include... Manga section (immediate left after entering store), British Comics, Euro Comics, Science/History, Biography/Memoir all well labeled in the middle front of the store (in front of All Ages) but of course if you have questions always feel free to ask!

Also a sitting-reading monolith suddenly appeared in the All Ages section, but don't come running to us if your kid magically learns quantum physics overnight. 

We've also moved the small press section to the back-right corner of the store, near the Back Issues entrance and made the center aisle a general Graphic Novels area organized alphabetically by title.

We're rearranging the store!

With Spring officially here, we thought it would be a great time to play around with a new arrangement as a way of making it easier to find stuff as well as just giving everybody that nice, refreshing feeling that seems to happen every Spring. When we saw all the cherry blossoms blooming, we knew it was time! 

Some of the changes include:

-new, more complete manga section to the left of the front door with both full volumes, graphic novels and toys

-sale racks in center

-horror and crime towards the back

-much more to come! 

...we will also be reworking signage to help make it easier to find exactly the section you are trying to find.

...check back for more updates, or stop in and ask in person!

Neal Adams stopped by and made for a great evening

Thanks, Neal! See you next time. We loved our time together and especially the stories!

Hope everyone is having a great holiday!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our holiday signing last weekend! It was a great turnout full of holiday cheer and we look forward to seeing everyone in 2015!

Gift Idea Signing this Saturday 12-4pm! Everyone gets a free comic!

Having trouble finding gifts this year? Want to get something signed or personalized for your friends or family? Join us Saturday, December 20th at 12-4 p.m. for this year's Gift Idea Signing.

This year we'll have:

Kelly Sue DeConnick - Bitch Planet, Pretty Deadly, Captain Marvel (2-4)

Matt Fraction - Hawkeye, ODY-C, Sex Criminals (2-4)

Jeff Parker - Meteor Men, Batman 66, Aquaman, Angry Birds (1-3)

David Walker - Shaft, Number 13 (1-3)

Cathy Camper - Lowriders In Space

CHIBI COMICS - So Super Duper, Reignbow and Dee-Va

GT Flynn - Flynn Prints

We also have a pair of Wizard World tickets to giveaway!

...And Everybody get's a free comic!