Not Buying Comics in 2014 :(

 illustration by Mark Engblom

illustration by Mark Engblom

Hi folks,

As you all know we are in a great city to love comics. Comic books are such a beautiful art form and Portland has become a real mecca for comic book creativity, publishing and overall a wonderful place for fans. As much as we at Cosmic Monkey love comics, sometimes there is only so much physical space! 

...basically, we are not buying any more comic books for a long time (at least until 2015). We get a number of calls everyday from folks interested in selling their comics, but we simply do not have the space! In fact, we hired a full time employee whose sole job is to help us sort out the 1,000,000+ books in our basement (yep, over a MILLION). His name is Jason, super cool dude... But back to the point... 

If you are looking to sell your comics, try I Like Comics in Vancouver, WA. Unfortunately, we just won't be able to help you out until we really tackle and organise our own collection (but don't worry, we are on the job).


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